Chris Miller, Schmitt Stix (1988)

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Wow! I remember this ad. The dog board was my 1st rod, had it the same popular green stain. I also had silly stix too, but not the wheels. They look like saw blades. Damn! I wish they’d reissue this rod in an adult size.

SamuelL added this comment on Sep 14 10 at 9:05 pm

i totally agree, look how stylish CM was back then.. that is 25 years ago and minus the airwalks.. that could be used today. i have noticed that the mini rod is available everywhere, but i guess i have to wait to see if they will do the full version.. lots of skaters had a CM and it was their first board.. i want to skate again and that miller or the jason lee would be the only ones i would skate. i still don’t understand why the latest generation all like the same shape.. there are only so many kids who can do kickflip varials down gaps.. the rest of us need our ankles.. haha

Dysfunkshun added this comment on May 03 12 at 7:09 pm

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